请善待身边服务的物业保安 - 行业动态



1. The social security status of the security guards is low and the due respect is not obtained.
A lot of owners mentioned security, will say: "security, not just look at the gate, stand stand", in the work often encountered some owners, the security guards screaming, "security, you come over,"! At all, there was no security. When I was happy, I had a soft tone and a smile. When I was in a bad mood, I felt that the security was bullying, the light scolding and the heavy hit. At present, the whole society is not well aware of the security industry, and the occupational status of security has not been paid attention to by the society; it has no great attraction for young people. In the face of the same working conditions, most people are reluctant to choose to be security guards; many parents do not support their children to engage in security work. When you see your child being a security guard, he is discriminated against and ridiculed by others. Many security guards have been abused and threatened by their owners, making them feel helpless and worried about being a security guard. The occupation of security, in the eyes of many ordinary people, belongs to the bottom of the society.
Two, security is young, immature and random.
The security profession is also the job of eating youth. Most of the security guards are relatively young and can work in security posts for one or two years. Many young security guards have no full understanding and understanding of this special occupation. They are looking for a job to find a job. They think that security does not need too high culture and professional skills, and that everyone can be a security guard. . The thought is not mature enough, the randomness is bigger, the occupation consciousness is weak, always thinks that oneself is temporary does, will not do very long, does not treasure own front work. A lot of security guards are so careless that they choose to leave and change their working environment. Most of them choose to do security without finding the right job. They are not in the heart. Once they have mature opportunities, they will choose to leave at any time.
Three. Strict security management, high standard and boredom.
At present, most of the property security teams adopt semi militarization or militarization management. Strict discipline, many systems, and assessment; work standards, quality of service, security is often in a state of tension. The property security work itself is very strong, every day to do the duplication of work, every day needs to maintain a good mental outlook and working state, a long time has a sense of weary, a lot of security feel that do security is not free.
Four. The security is misunderstood and despised and has a sense of inferiority
Most of the security comes from the countryside, family conditions are not very good, and there is a sense of depression and inferiority in front of the owners. Some owners look down on security guards and look down on security guards. They have been laughed at at work, and the security work has not been understood and supported by the owner. In dealing with emergencies and emergency rescue and disaster relief, it is the security charge in front of the personal safety, but the media also always reports on some security guards and guard against stealing. Ann. Security is also human. They have personality and self-esteem. They also yearn for the respect, understanding and support of the society. They are very conscientious in their work. They are not afraid of wind and rain. They are not afraid of bleeding and sweating. What they fear most is to let them cry.
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